Anyone else feeling the intensity in these energies?!

We’ve got a huge push/pull contrast happening in the skies and one heck of a ride for our personal and collective evolution at this time!

On the one hand we have a stellium of 6 planets in the dynamic and forthright Fire sign of Aries, yet on the other they include Mercury in Retrograde, and Chiron, the wounded healer, which call us to go within and get super deep with ourselves.

Chiron reminds us of our deepest wounds by highlighting our triggers and pain-points. This is not to torment us but in fact offer the blessing in disguise of alchemising our pain into our gold (see the bottom of this blog for journal prompts that are super helpful for alchemising over the Eclipse period and beyond).

This alchemical opportunity is also heightened by the total Solar Eclipse occurring around 8pm (GMT) on the 8th just after the New Moon phase - Eclipses always call for transformation in some way.

New Moons generally bring increased opportunity for new intentions for the new lunar month ahead and for manifesting them into being. We can do this by matching the frequency of what you wish to create as well as taking the necessary action steps. Being this frequency match means knowing and believing you deserve and can have the things you are calling in! Aries gifts the confidence and self-belief with this if we are willing to do the work! Being the first New Moon of the astrological year, we get to look at both the month and year ahead with intentionality.

Aries stealing the limelight of the zodiac at the moment brings us the potential of pure and positive personal power. It’s great for stepping up in leading roles to claim our paths of highest potential and purpose. It arms us with the courage and assertion to get things started and pioneer forward with huge confidence in what we can accomplish. The North Node in Aries also assists with how interdependent we are, both in ourselves and in our relationships.

All in all, there’s never been a better time to heal, before blazing new trails from a place of increased wisdom, all to serve yourself and others for the next level of our greatest potential.


Some reflective questions/journal prompts helpful in this energy and beyond for whenever challenges present;

  • What surface level events are causing issues?
  • What emotions are stirring and what does that emotion point to on a deeper level about yourself?
  • When did you first feel challenged by this event/emotion?
  • How can you embrace the issue/feeling within yourself? (E.g. self-care, healing, time by yourself, etc)
  • What wisdom can you take from the issue?
  • Where can you apply the wisdom/learning to your life now and moving forwards?

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