How are you riding the Lunar Eclipse energy this weekend?

Eclipse energy is now peaking. At 7am GMT on the 25th, the first of the two Eclipses start with the Full Moon in Libra, opposite the Sun in Aries.

Huge energy is activated on the Libra-Aries axis, the relationships vs. the self axis. This is giving us the opportunity to look at areas of balance and solidity within oneself, whether we are in relationship or not, and regards all of our relationships.


Eclipses almost always bring transformation but this one is particularly fated being a Lunar Eclipse with the Moon near the South Node in Libra. The South Node is a point in the zodiac that marks our karmic residue, the soul wisdom we have come into this lifetime with and often, can point to our comfort zones.


This is an invitation to take our wisdom, in this case our wisdom from relationships with another (Libra energy) and apply it to our sense of self (Aries energy).


Do we seek validation externally, above our own feelings of acceptance about ourselves? Do we depend heavily on someone or something? Or maybe we have been extremely independent, lacking trust in others or trust in the world as a safe place for us.


All of these factors are good considerations with the Libra-Aries axis being highlighted and a call to push us into our collective ‘true north’, or our highest destiny and who we are becoming. The North Node in Aries is teaching us to be strong and bold in our sense of self-purpose and shine in our authenticity.


Eclipses can trigger us, potentially poking at areas for healing and growth, or highlighting cycles we’ve unhelpfully been in. Something coming up that couldn’t be ignored or that niggly thing coming back around again that we thought we’d dealt with last time!


Something I have found helpful recently is growing from these issues through the assistance and soothing of my Zodiac element. You can, however, pick any or all of the element soothing tips that resonate - all the elements and tips are listed in the comments below.


Do you regularly connect with your Zodiac element?       


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