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It’s a deep dive into this Scorpio Full Moon on 24th at 00:38 UK

With Scorpio I mean intensely deep! Not to mention the packed astrology that coincides with it…

Full moons are a period of two days either side which heighten that which we need to let go of or release. As Scorpio energy brings themes of control and transformation we are being called to relinquish control at every possibility. Like we fully have it anyway! 


As co-creators of the universe we get to do so much with our immense power in terms of manifesting our reality. However, we cannot control all the outcomes, all the time, or how they definitively actualise. 


This Scorpio full moon is reminding us of the need to transform, whilst trusting in the process, to look at how we might change ourselves for the better, and not attempt to change or manipulate others. 


Scorpio is the only zodiac sign with two archetypes. A scorpion represents the shadow and the lower, primitive drives of reaction, aggression and sexual urges. The eagle depicts the evolved, light side of seeing a bigger, broad perspective from life’s challenges and alchemising them for the wisdom they bring us.


Facing this Moon is Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also calling for attention on taking the wisdom from our deepest wounds to grow and transform from them. 


Venus close to Chiron brings a beautiful synergy of receptiveness and flow to our healing and transformation. And the gentle reminder that all successful external relationships start with successful relationships with ourselves first. 


With many planets also activating an awakening energy in Taurus, we get to shift up a gear with areas of inner and outer wealth at this time. Self-care and self-value are our richest assets in cultivating these, once they are embodied in abundance, this reflects in our external world too.


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