What a week of ground-breaking astrology!

Also reflective of the wider generational era of revolutionary transformation we are in.

As well as the Sun entering Taurus today (20th), we also have Jupiter and Uranus meeting in Taurus, feeding seismic shifts of awakening to the collective.

This might not bring obvious changes overnight but certainly gives another foundation stepping stone for the creation of a new system.

Philosophers and sages have talked for eons about a ‘New Earth’ and the collapse of the old system as we have known it. We are certainly in the throes of that collapse, further heightened with this energy.

We have Jupiter bringing expansion and abundance with Uranus bringing sudden changes and revolution, both in Taurus, the Earth-sign that reflects the physical and status-quo.

Uranus also links to rebellion for the collective good and humanitarian aid and whilst this might not mean our whole system is equally balanced by the end of this week, it is a reminder to keep our focus on not just that which we can already see but also that which we wish to see.

We are literally creating a new Earth, new system and a new way of being in it, right now.
A poignant and significant time in our evolution that is already well into the process of change.

Whilst Jupiter & Uranus are expanding upon this energy for this week, Pluto being in Aquarius for the next 20 years also ensures transformation to our collective.

Interestingly, Taurus rules inner and outer wealth so it is aligned that bitcoin discussions are in place on the world stage whilst Uranus which rules technology is also in this sign.

In terms of our inner wealth, we really benefit this week and beyond from increased self-care. By nourishing the body and also nourishing our vision of what we would like to see in the world and for ourselves we get to shift our self-value up a gear.

We create our reality this way, thoughts become things, and this gives us our positive power as co-creators with the universe. Keep thoughts and visions expansive and for the highest potential of all involved 


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